XR650R & a Dunlop D606 Rear

I'm sure some of you will disagree with me on this. The end of this last season, I was running a Dunlop D952 Front tire, and a Dunlop D606 Rear. Just FYI for some of you non-racing guys, this tire combo is GREAT in hard packed clay, rocks, & abode silt (colorado terrrain).

I know the rear D606 isn't the best gripping, but I got 1500 miles out of this rear tire. Before, I was getting 500 miles on a D739, 600 miles for a D739 Desert A/T, and 500 miles when I tried the VERY CRAPPY rear D952. With that kind of mileage, I'll give up the little bit of extra grip, (a half warn D606 gripps better than any bald MX tire).

I still have a D952 on the front, from when I tried a set of D952's. I like the front tire VERY much. I think it sticks very well in practically any terrain, and it likes mud and sand. It also does pretty well on the pavement, even though it's not DOT approved.

The rear D952 is a piece of S**T! Don't waste your money on it. Just FYI, the front D952 is an actual Dunlop tire. The rear D952 is actually made by Sumitomo, a Japanese tire company. The rear D952 wore out very fast, and did not grip near as well as a D739, or even the D606.

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