Bizarre One Time Flooding After Jetkit Install! WTF?

Hey Guys

I know this isnt a Honda question, but i worked on my 650L today as well so cut me some slack! :bonk: I figure i would ask here, since this group seems to be very knowledgeable!

This AM we installed a Dynojet kit into my buddies 2005 KLR650 and followed the instructions to a T.

After it was all buttoned up we took the bikes out for a ride.

Went about 20 miles and the KLR ran PERFECT and my buddy was most happy with the results.

Then all of the sudden, the bike died and wouldnt start. We let it sit for a minute then tried to start it and then a decent amount of gas came out of the overflow and onto the ground. It was obviously flooded!

I drained all of the fuel from the float bowl, let it sit a minute and it fired right up. We rode another 20 miles with no problems and then he rode another 15 miles with no hitches at all and he swears it runs like a new bike.

Any clue what could have happened??? The carb was DIRTY AS HELL when we pulled it and we cleaned it as best we could. Do you think its possible a piece of crap ended up getting lodged in the float needle or something? :cheers:

Bike is running great now, but i am trying to troubleshoot this so it doesnt leave him stranded.

Any ideas?

Thanks :p

Sounds like a piece of crap got stuck in there for the moment...

Probly something in the line....


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