Removing front sprocket plastic guard

I have noticed that the front sprocket plastic guard really allows the mud to build up when riding in wet conditions. I am thinking of removing it, yet leaving the case saver in position.

Have others done this? If so, is there a risk of your boot rubbing on the chain/sprocket, or any other risks?


Many of us Yamaha riders do this. I don't think I ever got my boot close enough for the sprocket to touch it.

I didn't have one on my XR350 and never had a problem with it.

yea my yz didnt have one either... but if your chain should ever brake then there could be some bad damage to the case id imagineor your heel

If he just takes off the plastic cover but leaves the metal guard in place, he'll be OK.

i've seen many of the reporters in magazines say they remove the plastic cover off the front sprocket as one of their first mods to prevent sh**e build up and after 2 years of supermoto, with a recent(2weeks ago put dirt wheels on for 1st time) convert to enduro n loving it will be doing the same.

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