MODS on the air box??????

The Xr650L I have has been rejetted and fitted with a white brothers E2 pipe.

This is my question: If I romoved the snorkel from the air box, would it need to be rejetted again?...........also..........what is involved in the removal? Does it require special tools or is it easy to mess up? I am not mecanicaly inclined!!

..another thing..nothing else has been done as fas as modifications go....

This will depend on what jet size you are using now and your elevation. I would guess that yes, if all other factors are the same you would want to be running a bit richer without the snorkel than with it installed. Are you running the stock filter? If so, I would think that upgrading this will probably have a greater impact than removing the snorkel alone.


If it was jetted richer for the pipe, you should be ok with pulling the snorkel. Removing the snorkel does make it slightly leaner, but the effect is small.

I everything on the bike is still stock, I don't believe you'll need to re-jet from just removing the snorkel. If anything, locate the air/fuel mixture screw on the carb. This should be covered in the owners manual. You'll want to turn this screw to make it richer. I'm not sure if that's clockwise or counter clockwise on an 650L. I will probably require 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn. A short flat-head screwdriver is all that's needed for the carb adjustment.

To remove the snorkel, you can probably get to it by just removing the seat. It should be a rubber snorkel that can just be pulled out of the air box. You'll probably need 10mm, & 12mm sockets, and some pliers.

The top of the snorkel is riveted on,so just use some method of grindig them off. Dremmel tool,its very simple.

use a large drill bit and drill the rivits head off thought that might be a easyier way then grinding

use a large drill bit and drill the rivits head off thought that might be a easyier way then grinding

Now that I think of it thats what I did .

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