Need a 5.5 rear spring, have a 5.8 for 450

I bought a used 05 yz450 and the suspension is set up for a 210 rider with a 5.8 Factory connection spring. TBT racing said I need a 5.5-5.6 for my 185 weight. Any chance anybody has one or anybody looking for a 5.8? Thanks

I've got the stock rear spring off an '03 450 but I think it's a 5.4. Not sure if that's close enough for you.

I have a 5.5 I would sell for $35.00 including shipping


Shuehauls, Sounds good what brand spring and is it marked 5.5 on it? Thanks!! Contact me at to arrange this. Thanks

I have a stock Ti spring off an 06. If it fits, its the right spring for your wieght.

I'm interested in the spring. I sent you a private message. Thanks Tim

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