Help! Connecting rod (swingarm) free play?

Just finished regreasing the swingarm assembly on my 05 450 and noticed that there is some free play (left to right) at all 3 locations of the connecting rod/relay arm assembly numbered 28) before and after reinstallation even after all torqued up? I cleaned up everything and reassembled the parts without tightening things and noticed that it might be a problem but figured it might dissappear after all the nuts were torqued up but it didn't work. The free play does not exist between the collar and needle bearings. Almost as though there should be some spacers/small washers at these locations? I took some pic's but photobucket isn't working today? Is that free play normal?

A little up and down play is ok, any side to side play is bad and is a symptom of a worn thrust bearing

Actually I believe there is a little side play.


you need to start replacing some bearings. Probably in the dog bone #31.

Good indication they were not greased when new. You have to tear the bike down and grease it before you ride it.

It would be a big help if someone with an 05 could look under their bike and grab the relay arm where it connects to the connecting rod and give it a good pull/push and let me know if it slides back and forth a little.

If you are describing the parts having a little side-to-side *sliding* movement I'm pretty sure that a little side-to-side freeplay is engineered into those connections. As long as you have no freeplay in the up/down axis or movement when moving your rear wheel sid-to-side by hand your bearings should be good.

Yes, and also remember that as you grab the rear end of the swing arm and move it up and down, the you are seeing 3+ times the total clearance in all of the linkage bearings. There should be a lot, but there will be some.

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