Bah , Humbug

Oh come on guys, you really didn't think I was a Scrooge did you? Merry Xmas to all. I hope Santa filled your heads with visions of roosting two strokes.

This was a special Xmas this year. Our baby's first. 11 months old. It adds a whole new dimension to this holiday as I am sure many of you are fully aware. I smiled and laughed all day long.

No bike gifts this year (didn't ask for any). But my wife suprised me with her knowledge of who I am and what I would like. I hope the same happened to all of you.

Just one quick question to you all...what is your favorite Xmas movie? I just watched mine..."A Christmas Story". You know, "You'll shoot your eye out". I have been laughing for ten years at that movie. Hands down my favorite. So what movie makes your Xmas?

[ December 25, 2001: Message edited by: Dougie ]

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