hinson slipper clutch

I am a vet rider and just purchased a 07 yz450f. I would like to know if anyone has used the hinson slipper clutch on thier bike. I would like to hear opinions from the people who have used them. I race motocross and want to know if the clutch is worth the money. Thanks John

I know someone must have used one of these.

i use one on my 06 for supermoto, love it. self contained, easy service, and install. ski

Hinson slipper clutch vs CEB stm, what's better syst ?

Thanks for the info. John

Hinson is one of our team product sponsors and I just ordered their complete package for my '07 YZ450F. The inside guys say that the slipper is for Super Motard or MX fast experts or pro riders. They recommend their conventional system for everyone else.

I ordered the conventional package. Everything is ready for the '07 except for the pressure plate which is new. That will be coming shortly under a separate shipment. The new clutch cover is supposed to be a trick looking gun metal color.

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