650R pilot

Because I cut out the side panel covering the air filter, I had to re-jet. Now, the mixture adjustment screw has to be set at 3 1/2 turns out with a 68S, (seems like the screw could be too loose and eventually fall out). I have tried a 70S, and it works great at 1 turn out. The only issue with that is, I don't have much adjustment room to go leaner when I get higher in altitude.

Keep in mind, the adjustments amounts are max values for my lowest riding elevation. I live in CO, so as I go up, I have to adjust the bike leaner.

What would you use? Is it okay to run the mixture screw at 3 1/2 turns out with the 68S? Would it be worth trying a regular 70 pilot jet? I've heard I'll lose some of the low end "hit" if I use a non "S" pilot jet.

3.5 turns is too far out. Put a plain 70 in it. Should be between the 68s and 70s and put you at 2 turns out.

I'm with Shaun on this one.

I threw a regular 70 in last night. I'm hoping the sun lasts, and I might go dial it in today.

I think the 70 did the trick. 2 turn out, just like you said. It has all the low-end power that the 68S of 70S did. Thanks.

That's good info. Thanks motopsycho650 for posting the results.

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