I need ingenuity ideas 650R

I shattered my left femur in an off-road crash around a year & 8 months ago. As a result, my left leg is 1 inch shorter than my right leg. I normally wear shoes with a lift, but when I ride I have a hard time getting my toe under the shift lever.

Any ideas on how to lift the left foot peg & shift lever 1 inch? A spacer bracket for the foot peg wouldn't be hard to make, but the shift lever is a bit harder. I'm a good mechanic, but a bad welder.

Sorry to hear about your acident but the good news is you got back on the pig that threw you.

You will work it out.

What about welding on about a 1" "L" extension on the shift lever? The modded lever would look like an L, laying down on its long side, with the shift-knob attached to the short side, sticking up. This would raise the knob to the same height as the new left peg.

Should be pretty simple to fab: just take the stocker, cut the end off about 1" from the knob-end, weld in a new extension to the "long" end of the other piece, and weld the two new sections together to make the "L" ...

A machine shop would not charge you more than $15-20. A good welder-buddy would do it for a brewski or two.

I take my hat off to you, motopsycho: a train-wreck like you had and you still gotta ride. You get my vote.

Live and learn, my man.

Ride safe now, y'hear?

Thanks, I have a cousin who's a good welder.

I have been on a dirt bike for 22 years, a broken leg won't stop me. I saw a guy last year with a prosthetic left leg below the knee, AND a prosthetic left arm below the elbow. He was out riding at Rampart. Because of his arm, he moved the clutch lever to the right side, and rode without a front brake. I thought that was cool.

I look at it this way, if I hadn't of done the leg, I'd be racing my bike, and something worse would have happened. Karma put me in my place. It happens.

Glad to help. Let us know how it works out.

Indeed, "It happens." What separates the men from the boys is how we respond when "it happens."

You are an inspiration to us all.

Ride safe. Enjoy!

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