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I had Coker precision graphics make up a kit for me. I just wanted to advertise my factoryphoto biz so he messed around with some colors and knowing that I am a Marine and love the Red/White and Blue came out with this. I may go with a red seat or a white seat not sure yet. I am getting swingarm stickers done soon too.The whole kit was $200 bucks or so and I talked to them on Monday and they designed it and printed it and I got it today.Pretty sweet deal.

Anyways here are a couple photos.




Sweet! I think either a all black or white seat cover would tie it up.

Nice site too.



Hey man that is cool. They look really nice and it is super cool to have your own company all over your ride. :worthy:

those graphics are SHWEEET! Id go with a red seat...

on another did you mount your hour meter?

Here is a shot that is not so wide angle. A red seat would look cool still thinking of white ..

Hour meter I just screwed it into the frame, wrap the wire around the spark plug.


I photoshopped the seats what ya guys think looks better white or red?



Very, very, nice. Best looking 07 that i have seen so far. :worthy:

Real nice look. I'd go with an all black seat. Black rims (new A60's) would then be a nice touch.

the black and blue looks best

That white seat would be a nightmare to keep looking fresh, very clean look though even with the stock seat. Both the white and the red seat with no other color is too much and the color would need to be broken up with other colors/graphics/etc. That is sweet though. You talk like your still in the Marines, I guess there are no former Marines...

Sorry man, but those are UGLY IMO.

they look ok but somehow this looks better its not mine it belongs to a tt memberIMG_1863.jpg


lol Roseville Yamaha thats the shop I am with.Everyone has those graphics around here that shop is minutes away and close friends of mine. As far as my graphics being UGLY hey whatever thats cool everyone has an opinion the main thing I wanted was them to be different and stick out and I think they do just that.I go to the races so much to shoot photography so when they see that bike there at any race they know I will be set up in a vendor section selling photos of the day.Ugly or not there red/wht/and blue so they can't be all that bad :worthy:

i would deff go with a red seat other than that the bike looks killer

Look's real clean bro.. The white seat looks great, but it will be a bear to keep clean. The blue & black stocker works well..

Does this graphics company have a website?

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