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Life Expectancy of 426 and Components

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I have had my 01 yz426 for a bit better than a year now no maint except change oil at the 10hr mark (about every 3 rides) used for trails only (Las Vegas area) and not wound to the rev limiter and one new spark plug, plus air filter service. I do have the service manuals, but they are based on racing use. Anybody care to comment on what should be done when? Top end, rods, swing arm lube, fork oil, wheel bearings, etc.

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Some may say I do too much maintance, but here is what I do. I ride/race trails and MX, I'm a B level rider in both.

Piston: replace every 2 years

Rings: replace every year

Cam Chain: every year

Valve springs: every year

Valves: replaced at 400 hours, but they looked fine.

Forks: rebuild with fresh seals every year

Shock: rebuild every 2 years

Clutch: replace fibers every year (I use a Rekluse auto clutch)

Bearings (swing arm and wheel) only when needed

Spark Plug: every 6 months

I change my oil and filter every ride.... 5 minutes or 5 hours, it gets changed. Fresh air filter every ride, sometimes during the ride.

Like I said, it may be too much. But it works for me. :worthy:

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