help with coil wire

my question is can the plug wire be removed from the coil and be replaced with a new wire like a taylor 8mm wire i will be removing the resistor in the plug wire to. also if it can how do you remove the plug wire from the coil and is there any tricks to reinstalling it

my bike is a 97 xr600r

thank you


Hi. i took mine out and replaced it w/ some heavy gauge wire i got at the hardware store, cut resistence by a couple ohms. the prob i had was the boot on the coil. it was glued and had to ruin it to get it off. i put the new wire in then ran some heat shrink over the wire and coil to make a new boot. no problems so far. ps. i did this after running down a weak spark issue. after testing every single thing i could i took it apart and bingo, it was the wire.

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