grey wire

i still cant get anthing to come up when i search for grey wire can anyone tell me about this mod

it a emmissions type thing...messes with your mid range timing I think . Its a must do mod.

Its a double lead connector under your tank near the frame unplug or cut THE GREY WIRE leave the black connected.

Don't forget your thottle stop:-)

Hey I think thats a US shipped bike thing but check anyway.


The Grey wire mod is for US models only. The Grey wire is a emissions control wire to get the bikes through the emissions testing that many states have introduced over the years. It holds back the revs. Models made for export outside the us do not require or have the restriction imposed.

Bonzai :)

thats what I said YAMA... :) I'm also BuckeyeDude....Happy Holidays.

Oh No.....Not another multiple personality :)

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Photo test from new provider....


Cut this one....

Bonzai :)

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Thanks for emailing me the picture, glad to see you could repost it.

Last night, I dove into the wires and I hope your correct about the US models only because my Canadian '02 WR426 does have a grey wire :)

Well I hope so !!! because it's now disconnected.

Due to work, I cannot finish putting the bike together untill next week, and I let you know.

We've been talking about the Grey wire now for about 2 years. As a rule the North American bikes have all had the grey wire in place with just a few exceptions, and the Point of Origin on those could not be determined. I don't believe that anyone outside of the North America Trade Zone has ever reported having the grey wire in the two bundle connector. Some like myself could see a measureable change in power after cutting the wire while others (Few) said that they could not tell the difference. My personal thought is that those that could not tell any difference were not giving Ol'Blue the Whip quite as much as the rest of us had. You should feel a little crisper off the line with the feel of a wider power band in the middle, cutting the wire does not make alot of difference to the top end. You're going to also hit the limiter a little earlier, but that you'll adapt to pretty quickly.

Have Fun,

Bonzai :)

Yama...don't tell anyone but one user name is from home the other from work at the time I couldn't remeber password so I just got the other user name.

Haven't checked it out for myself, but anyone know if the grey wire mod is as good on the 2002 wr 426? Heard Yamaha did some spark curve remapping for 2002.

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