Rode Yesterday, Caught Air

Nothing spectacular just because of what I'm riding and I'm not into Jeremy McGrath-esque type stunts:thumbsup:

Farm pasture out at my brother-in-laws. Had a blast cranking the throttle up and hitting the little natural jump that is in the pasture. I definitely need to learn how to ride this beast through stuff like that. Most of the time, I was standing while going over and although the landings seemed pretty good, my body was taking a beating:bonk:

The one problem I'm having is my Enduro computer. Seems like the faster I go, the calibration goes bad. Have the right numbers plugged in for the wheel size, and have the magnet bolt that replaces the disk bolt in. My thinking is that maybe the wheel number is slightly off and it would be right for the magnet that is glued into the rotor hole. I absolutely deny ever doing 114 mph yesterday. I don't know what 114 on a bike feels like, but I'm pretty sure I'm not even coming close. When I ride around in the back yard, it'll hit 35 and that feels about right, but out on the backroads, it'll run up to 70-80-90 while I'm cruising and that seems like it's reading too fast. I never found anything about changing the calibration due to the bolt location. Any thoughts?

When the front wheel is in the air, the wheel slows down and under-reports your speed. :worthy:


Just based on error percentages, an indicated 35 will still feel close to 35. If you are off by say 15%, that 114 would really be around 97 mph. If you are at stock gearing, and winding it out on pavement, that may be close. At an indicated 35, you would really be doing 30 mph. This is much closer and a seat of the pants view would make this seem accurate.

I would say that you need a recalibration. You may want to input a different wheel diameter, even though it may be incorrect, to get the right readings on the speedometer.

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