WB E2 spark arrestor

I have tried contacting White Brothers, however they are not very eager to respond to customer's correspondance:thumbsdn:

I have the E2 for my 06'WR450 and usually run the exhaust fully open. On the last ride I decided to give it a try with the spark arrestor endcap to try and feel a difference over fully open.

I noticed that when it is fitted the spark arrestor is faily loose between the muffler and the cap. It actaully rattles around in there.:worthy:

Do any of you E2 owners have this same problem? Is it normal?

Yes I did.Same exact thing made the pipe sound louder than usual too.I just put a little dimple in the spark arrestor to make the end cap fit tighterBe careful not to make it to big or the end cap won't screw in I.think it is a poor design either that or no racer were using them so they just made something simple to get us by.

I have the same problem with my E2. it makes an annoying rattling sound while the engine is running and i can easily move it around in the muffler with my hand. it never used to be this way until recently and i cant figure out how the spark arrestor just all of a sudden loosened up. i was thinking the same thing about putting a dimple in spark arestor to hold it against the end cap...how should i go about doing this?

I installed a plastic shim for mine...the original spark arrestor actually broke apart from the rattling...the new one is snug and does not rattle after installing the shim...:thumbsup:


I put a few silicone beeds on mine worked great.

take a pliers and gently bend one of the lips of the sparky. then it fits tight.

no worries.

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