It's gotta be electrical

Whenever my bikes gets good and hot, after riding it for an hour or so, it starts to cut in and out when at a slow steady rpm. I thought I had a jetting issue but am sure now that it's temerature related. I'm thinking it's gotta be either the stator, coil or blackbox (cdi) and will find a way to check them all eventually but I'm wondering what's the most likely? The bike has over 300hrs on it and I don't know which of these parts typically has a shorter life span.

i would start with the coil first.

i would start with the coil first.

I did, I took it and the plug cap down to be tested at the local Yami shop and it all checked out. There opinion is that most likely it's the starter coil but will be hard to test in light of the fact that it only fails after the engine's quite hot. If it is the starter coil can an aftermarket one be hooked back up to the stock stator so as to avoid the cost of an entire unit?

you can run the same resistance checks on the STATOR windings hot or cold.

Report back on electrical problem.

It was the stator that was failing (even though it checked out when cold, it was failing while hot.) My mechanic suspected as much when he saw that between the coil, cdi and stator....the Yami warehouses have an overwhelming majority of stators on hand, suggesting they have the highest fail rate of the three. So I took a gamble and replaced it not knowing for sure and it was the stator.:worthy:

Now with that fixed, a new top-end and revalved suspension....I've got a whoop-ass bike again.:D

good to hear you got it fixed.

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