Hard to twist throttle

Just bought an '85 XR600, when i twist the throttle it stays put. There is no snap back when i release it.

I noticed there are 2 cables going to the carb, one looks like some kind of return cable? I have lubricated the cables and that seamed to help just a little bit.

Do i need both cables? is the return spring history? anyone experience similar issues or any suggestions on making my throttle snappy.

thanks everyone, love the site!

take the throttle tube off and clean the inside of it and the bar.

also gravity lube both cables till the lube comes out the bottom.

When you clean the throttle tube, lube it with some powdered graphite. Amazing difference.

Wasn't that the dual carb year?

yes it is a dual carb.

i lubed the heck out of it...... when i have it off the handle bar, it snaps back into place just like it should. As soon as i put it on the handle bar it sticks in one place. I sanded the handle bar as best as i could (had a little paint on it). and lubed it with everything i had (no graphite). It works better, but it still hangs.

Could the plastic be bad? is it too small, or the bar too big?

thanks for the advice.

Since it doesnt work after you put it on, Make sure that the "shoulder" of the tube (the part that the end of the cable locks into) is also clean. Also make sure that it is aligned properly and it is not binding as you tighten the screws to the housing. Tommy

be shure to check the routing of the cables. if they make a hard bend then thats most likey is the cause. make sure that the calbles make gentel bends.

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