Which master cylinder fits?

HI all,

I have a 98 YZ400F and I am trying to improve my front brakes. I am switching to a CR routing SS line but I heard that switching to a Nissin master cylinder is the hot set up. Anyone know which model/year to get? There are a few CRF m/c on ebay, but I don't know what applications are a direct bolt on. Anyone here make the switch?

I have used the CR Honda master cylinder without any issues.

The only difference between any of them is where th eline leaves the mastercylinder. Honda and older Suzuki's have the line leaving on back of the m/c. The Yamaha's and kawasaki's have it leaving in the front.

I would buy whatever one you can get the best price on.

I just upgraded my '00 YZ426F to a YZ426F 2002 Nissin master cylinder and noticed a slight improvement over the older type (I also upgraded the rear master to a '03 YZ250F master cylinder which is a grate upgrade to). The SS line should also make a slight improvement too also use some Motul brake fluid its supposed to be good stuff.

get the 04 or newer units. THey have different bore sizes in them.

get the 04 or newer units. THey have different bore sizes in them.

If I get a Honda m/c, do I use a Honda front brake line? Or do I get a "CR Routing" YZ line?

Does anyone know if a 2003 YZ450 front master cylinder will work on the 99 YZ400F?

I install one on my bike, but now I have no feel in the leveler. The brakes where fine before hand. I bleed them about a dozen times in all ways. I'm thinking that maybe it needs to be rebuilt, but also heard that it might not push enough fuild.

The only reason I changed is because of the way the lever bolts to the MC.

i just installed a 09 crx450 master cylinder, with a yzf ss brake line on my 10 yz450f, i should have bought the cr brake line but mine still works just have to buy a number plate brake hose guide. the stopping power is amazing!!!!! i should have gotten the crf mc tho considering the parts in the pits guy at the track only stocks crf and not crx brake levers, yes they are different.

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