Rear Shock Help!

I have a 2006 Husky 610 SM and I HATE the harsh high-speed damping on the rear shock. I have just about lost my fillings and have the high speed damping adjuster all the way soft. I don't think it even does any thing at all? Who has replaced the stock Sachs with an aftermarket shock and what brand/set-up etc. Love the bike...hate the shock...

R J King:confused:

Where are your low-speed and rebound set? Both greatly affect the flow of oil through the compression shims. The rebound adjuster bleeds oil around the piston/shimstack, but it bleeds in BOTH DIRECTIONS, having a fairly significant impact on compression damping as well. Try backing them out 4-6 clicks each, enough to really notice, and fine-tune from there. They will make a much more noticable difference than the high speed will on a street-ridden machine. The Sachs shock is a very high-quality unit and only an Ohlins is poss. better IMO (maybe not better!). Any shock can be set up poorly. I am not familiar with that particular machine, but I know that shock quite well. No need to replace it, tough to top it's quality. Get 'er dialed in, even if it means a re-valve to make you happy. Still way cheaper than a different shock, with a better end result.

dude send in your shock to a reputable suspension company and explain your issues/weight and riding type,,, anyone of the good shops can dial you in. LTR

Factory Connection, etc etc etc

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