I might be crazy but!

I just bought a 2006 650r yesterday.know a few things about the right footpeg problem.(I have a friend who had two 650r broke peg bolts a couple of times foot once now rides a KTM 625)but with this being a very common problem you might think HONDA could help a new owner(zero miles)with a fix $$$ I just want them to pay Kritter for the fix.

Get that foot peg looked at. Could potentially be very dangerous.

Try to get Honda to pay for it, and save your money for a good English Grammar book. No offense, but thought I was going dyslexic there for a minute while eating my breakfast.

Ha Ha Big Red! That was pretty funny almost swallowed my skoal:thumbsup:

And no I don't condone teasing but all being said that was still funny.:worthy:


Hey guys I have an 02 R and have had no troubles and have done nothing to my peg :D bought the bike new and I couldnt even tell you how many miles I have probally thousands :worthy:

If you ride it hard, there is a definite problem with the right peg. The best solution, if you haven't already screwed up the frame, is the 1x International reinforced mount (or similar support).

I sheared the peg mount completely off the frame twice on my 2000, and replaced the frame once on the 2000 (Honda paid for it). This was before the 'shim' kit came out. I have sheared the mount off of my 2001 three times. I currently have a homemade setup like the 1x fix. My frame is pretty well screwed up from the mount repeatedly being sheared off, so I have drilled all the way through the frame and threaded the entire length. I use case hardened and stress relieved grade 12 bolts as well. I also replace the bolts on my mount every six months, or six races (whichever comes first), and replace the whole mount once per year.

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