Clutch Pull XR650L

Just Bought a 97 XR650L with 2500 miles on it. The guy I bought it from is an Apache Pilot who hasn't had time to ride it (wonder why??) so it set in storage for 2 yrs. I've been riding a DR350 and its been a solid bike but I need something with more punch. So I've got an XR now. Problem is, this thing has a clutch pull like a sportster! I disconnected the cable at the arm on the engine and the cable moves freely so that aint it. Is the heavy clutch pull typical on this model?? :worthy: I don't think anyone has gone into the clutch but it feels like its got some stout springs in it or something. It also doesn't begin to engage until the clutch lever is nearly all the way out- like its late . Adjusted the cable with no real effect. What do you think, XR Masters? :D

I Think Thats The Nature Of The Beast, My Clutch Lever Feels Like That Also, When I Get On My Crf It Feels Like There Is Hardly Any Spring Tension Compared To The Xrl

the clutch pull on my 06 650L doesn't seem that bad at all, i can easily 2 finger it (one finger with a little extra umph)...

my bike is a lot older, '85 xr600, but it acts exactly like yours does. super hard to pull in, and it doesnt engage until the very end. Like you i have messed around with it to avail. Maybe that is how they are?

Got an 06 L and mine pulls super soft. maybe they softened the clutch springs.


Anyone tried softer clutch springs? I wonder how much clutch performance would be affected. I've seen some posts about using a longer arm at the engine to increase leverage. Does anyone make this aftermarket part for an XR650L? I'd definitely give one a try... I figure I've got average strength in my arms. Maybe I need to get a pair of those forearm workout springs if I want to ride a mans bike.

'01 XRL, easy clutch pull from mile 750 (when I bought it).

Should not be a hard pull.


Guess I'll keep tinkerin until I get it. I'm gonna start with a cable since its cheap and go from there... Thanks all:ride:

my 2007 you call pull with your pinky

Mine is exactly the same. I rode my buddies KTM 450 this weekend and his takes about 20% of the effort. We were talking about it and a couple of others pulled my clutch and asked if I was sure it wasn't the brake.

I use 2 fingers but it's pretty stiff.

Seems to be a trend here: Late models, easy pull. Early models, gorilla grip required. I looked at the clutch parts fiche for my '97 vs an '06 and the clutch appears the same. same P/N on the springs. Hmmm. I'll keep digging and repost when I get it sorted out.

What year is your 650L?

I wouldn't say they are one-finger-easy, but both of my '93s have reasonably easy and smooth clutch pulls. If it were too easy I would worry about clutch slippage. I have a Magura hydraulic clutch sitting on the shelf because it isn't needed on my bikes.

My 87 XR600 was super hard to pull as well. I got one of those MSR clutch levers where you can put the cable in one of three positions to change the fulcrum point. Now it's almost as easy as a friend's with the older billitanium hydraulic clutch conversion.


That sounds like my first course of action along with a new cable. Thanks for the MSR lever tip...:worthy:

That sounds like my first course of action along with a new cable. Thanks for the MSR lever tip...:worthy:

No Problem!

-Dan it did work...and it's the Pro Raptor.


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