Clutch Pull XR650L

Thanks Again!

My '94 L clutch acts very similar. Takes a good pull to get it pulled in and engages in a narrow band far from the bar. I figured the clutch might be about done (although I've never had any slippage) so makes me feel better to hear others are seeing this.

One thing I've noticed is that when I'm riding it on the street and need to pull the clutch all the way in at lights and what not, I use my full hand since it's a little stiff to pull, but when I'm off road and using it to slip a little here and there, I used two fingers no problem. In "dirt mode" I don't even think about it. It doesn't take as much muscle to pull it in far enough to slip it or change gears than it does to pull it in all the way to the bar.

I've used that Raptor perch on a TT500 with good luck. Actually, the middle cable mount was an improvement over the stock perch so ended up using it.

I guess it's all relative to what your used to.

My 01 is certainly not tough for me. My Ducati is as bad as my HD and I don't think either of those is really bad at all.

I guess if you've been used to pullin on a wimpy clutch all along it could feel tough.

Time to get out the exercise grips and work on your forearms.

Made me go to my garage, on my 06 CRF X it is very easy but on my 07 650 it is tough to pull but smooth. Go to your local Honda dealer and pull a clutch on there bike.

Installed a MSR Pro raptor perch/lever this week. Huge improvement over the OEM. Easy pull + a more linear clutch engagement. Recommend this setup for anyone with a gorrilla grip clutch pull.:thumbsup:

I've been through the whole system on my '93 XRL, I wouldn't call it gorilla grip, but it's definitely stiffer than my old DRZ.

the clutch pull on my 06 650L doesn't seem that bad at all, i can easily 2 finger it (one finger with a little extra umph)...

i can one finger if i like but i 2 finger on my 03 lube the cable if that doesnt do it maybe time for a new cable all together

Another pro raptor fan here. Liked it so much I put one on my Buell too. It takes the side load off of the cable because the stay pivots to maintain proper alignment between the cable and lever.

With the raptor pro, what do you guys do for the choke? My clutch is pretty hard compared to my buddies XR650R.

Yeah, what do you do with the choke? I'd like to install a Pro Raptor also but my bike really likes to be on the choke until it warms up.

Thumper Racing used to make a easy pull extended clutch actuator arm that mounts on the engine case that made the clutch pull much easyier. All it basicly was is a longer arm than the stock one which made less. This was for the XR600R but I am sure it is the same. I got one on my 98 XR600 it helps, you could easlily make your stock arm longer if you wanted to,

What do you do with the choke?

Buy an Edelbrock pumper.

We don't need no stinkin choke!:thumbsup:

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