B2V run on a WR

I just came in from running this years Barstow 2 Vegas run on my WR. All I can say is way cool. From the starting point in Barstow to pulling in my driveway in Vegas, with fuel and food stops I was out about 9 hrs. My plated WR handled the day great, except when a pair of needle nose pliers found their way into my rear tire.

John in Vegas

What's the course like? Is it all 2 track and whooped-out trails or are there any decent sections of singletrack?

well due to a nasty flat, and my riding partner doesnt ride too quickly, we stayed on the "easy" trails, which were mostly sand/loose gravel because the "hard" trails had too many miles, and we wouldnt hit the checkpoints on time. We did do the last part through red rock. Lots of rocks, and several bikes that needed a ride home. Next year I will ride with faster riders, get on the technical trails, and be better able to answer you honestly. It was fun.

John in Vegas

Man that sounds awesome:thumbsup: How many miles in total is it?

hey, cool! show us some pics! ....... and that big tank of yours! How did that handle out there? ....... so I've been thinking of an oil cooler ....

I dont have any pics, but I am sure that the website for the AMA district 37 will have some in the next few days. I had 225 miles from the start in Barstow to my driveway here in Vegas. If we took some of the other routes, I think it would have added about another 100 miles. The tank handled fine, but the most I put in there was about 4 gals so the weight was low. Hopefully next year I can do the whole run. The first day, they started in San Bernadino and went up through Big Bear into Barstow.

John in Vegas

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