New wr426 $$$

I am looking for a New WR 426 2001... The dealers here in Los Angeles are not dealing...What are they going for OTD... Or if you have any contacts they would be greatly appreciated. I am ready to buy now..

I have a friend that just bought one from Canada for $5100 OTD. Just a thought?

I Live in Alberta Canada and paid 7200 CAN or approx 4800 US for my WR426 from Walt Healy in Calgary, Alberta,Canada.

No deal for me, 6200 as advertised.

The California DMV has a new requirement for 2001, an EPA sticker. This sticker apparently has the VIN # and is located somewhere on the steering head. '01 WR426's don't have this sticker. My buddy with a new Canadian '01 WR426 has been unable to get a green sticker or a plate, due to "Not EPA approved" (no sticker). He's gone through the entire registration process at two different DMV offices. The absence of a "C" or "3" in the 8th digit of the VIN # is no longer the only requirement for California (he bought the Canadian model to get a "W").

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Tell your friend with the bike that cannot get a green sticker for his bike to take the ride over to Nevada go in to any motocycle shop walk right up to the counter and ask for a green sticker. If I remember correctly they are $25.00 and they don't ask to see any ID and don't check the bike what so ever.

$6,614.00 OTD. Including lic. and reg. It can be done- where there's a will there's a way. SoCal.


Try Competion Accesories in Ohio. I bought my '00 WR400 from them - $100 below MSRP I think but there a $300 dollar shipping fee to have the bike sent to me. I picked it up at the railyard off the 710. I'd do it again in a heart beat.


The dealer in Calgary (mentioned above) has a 2001 WR426 on the showroom floor. At $4800 dollars, you can afford the shipping & add a bunch of accessories and still be ahead.

Walt Healy Motorcycles - (403)250-8630. Remember that they'll quote you Canadian dollars....worth about 2/3 of the U.S.

They ship a lot of bikes to the States...

If price is not a problem, drop by here in Finland and get yourself a real bargain: 01 WR426F $ 11857, including taxes and registration... Tax free price is only $ 8691.

Ande, WR400 99/00 registered, (approx. $ 7900)


The bike on Walt Healy's showroom floor is sold (to me) and will be picked up on Feb 3/01

They have 2 more on the way and as far as I know they are both spoken for.


Paid 5700.00 US$ for mine. seems to be the going price in philly pa area. I know 3 shops they all wanted the same money. Only two offered me enough in trade for my DRZs.

Just got mine here in Michigan. $5950 out the door! Not bad!!!!!

$6150 OTD out here on Long Island, and worth every cent...

Sonoma Cycles in Winnemucca NV quoted me $6600 OTD just about 2 months ago. Also, if you ever come to NV, you can get a CA NON-Resident "Green" sticker by just walking into the Yamaha dealer here in Reno for $20.00. I do it every year & I've never been asked about my residency.

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