Graphics Installation

Yo Yo;

I know this has been covered more than once, sorry :) , just need to piece together my options. Would y'all be so kind as to tell me your best ideas on installing new graphics... tank, shrouds. I'm having someone else do my seat :D . I've done a search on graphics, and found a few ideas there in. I would have never figured that you could use a medium such as warm water or windex to help position the graphics. At any rate, any and all ideas would be appreciated and utilized. I've never put graphics on before, so need some good ideas and guidance.

Thanks in advance :D


It's really easy dude.....The warm water and a credit card technique works the best. When you remove the old graphics, ensure that you get ALL the old glue off the tank an shrouds. I use a spray bumper sticker remover that's available at most automotive parts stores. The water will Not affect the glue on the new graphics, it just acts as a barrier between the surfaces so that you can properly position the graphics. Once in place take your credit card and gently push out the water to the edges. Also wash your hands really good before working with the graphics. The oils in your fingers will get onto the glue and cause that portion not to stick properly (Been there done that). I change graphics about once a year, takes about 30 minutes to do it right. If your old graphics do not want to come off easily, use a hairdryer to loosen them up...(DO NOT..Use the Hair Dryer to dry your new graphics...Let them Air Dry for 24 to 48 hours, temp should be atleast 70 degrees....My wife bought me a heater for my trailer after blue spent 2 days in the family room last winter.....

Hope this helps you out....

Bonzai :)

Two things to add is drain your tank and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours before installing graphics and clean your hands like your preforming open heart surgery and clean your tank with contact cleaner, then clean them again and again. It will pay off in the long run...good luck

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