Switching filter and need advise.

On a xr650r, I am switching out my K&N filter for a UNI with xrs only backfire screen. Does anyone have experience with both filters? I assume the UNI will richen it up if anything. Or does the UNI flow the same or more? Thank you.

I don't think you'll notice any difference in airflow. But I know the UNI cleans fine dust better than the free flowing K&N. One look at your air intake and you already know this. I am wondering if you are switching because of this or the fact that the K&N is a pain to clean as well.

You will be happy with the Uni.

I don't believe the Uni will change your jetting ....

But I do believe the Uni is a better filter..:worthy:


I am wondering if you are switching because of this or the fact that the K&N is a pain to clean as well.

I never though it was hard to clean if you have the K&N oil and cleaner. Yes I noticed fine dust in the airbox. I always kept it clean and i ride dual sport so there is not a vast amount of dust anyway. Also wondering if you guys use special rim grease on the UNI or just standard grease like Conoco or Mobil in the tube?

I have the XR's Only screen. It's not as free-flowing as you'd think. I made marks where the side panel pushes on it, and cut 4 large holes out of the screen. MUCH BETTER!


I'm told with a Uni filter, you don't need a backfire screen. I think it has a support built in. I use a stock replacement Twin Air with my customized XR's Only back fire screen.

P.S. Other than structural strength, you don't need a backfire screen. The factory adds it as a "safety feature," but trust me, if you burn your air filter, you have much bigger engine issues to worry about.

My personal recommendation is a Twin Air powerflow kit. $39.99 from Chaparral. http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/productr.asp?pf_id=W22-428&mscssid=21C4EFC6D58B47ABA424D32665D4101F&Gift=false&GiftID=

For some reason, the 650R kit is not in the USA Twin Air website, but I called them with the part numbers, and you can order straight from Twin Air. $47.99 for the kit - Part #150506c. $32.99 for replacement filters - Part #150506.

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