Big Gun Evo X

I have dissed this slip on and people have PM me to ask why.

Now this will help it come up under search as well.

I have one that is now one year old.

I did a great loop today in a place called Pope Valley. This runs along side the Napa Valley and has a number of small wineries. Lots of gold and red leaves on the ground. Lot's of sport bikes out today as well and I had the only motard bike and helmet cam on. This is sport bike heaven, Film sucks, I can turn the volume down-still has a loud rasp. Bike is very cool except for a badly faded end cap. I have always maintained and garaged the bike.

What has prompted me to do this is I went to the BG site to see about a new end cap. Basically 40 bucks for a thin little metal stamped piece. I am sure the next will do the same-I'll pass.

I gonna do something with the stocker and put it back on. My BG Evo X was a poor value.:worthy:



I have to agree about the end cap, but have you tried the quiet core? I run one and it's a whole lot better.


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