Anybody get a bike for Xmas?

I love these stories! OK, it seems like every year one or two guys get a new bike for Christmas. Now it's one thing to "know" or think you "might" be getting one, but it's all together different to wake up and find a brand spanking new beast sitting in your garage, or out in the yard, and it takes you completely by surprise.

So, anybody get one this year???

Oh, and to the wives that actually do this kind of thing for their men, God Bless You!

You've asked the right question, and I'll refrain from taking this opportunity to get a lick in. Instead, Tim, hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year in 2002!! Let's see if we can get to Crescent Bar soon.

In the last 30 days I have 3 friends who have bought new bikes and a 4th who has sold his and is trying to decide what to buy. He is looking for a WR 400 so he can get a plate in CA. If anyone has one in So Cal for sale let me know and i will pass it along.


Yeah, my son and I - but not a surprise... He had an idea, and I was the one with the readies, so I had an idea... I am just happy to be back into dirt bikes, and even more happy to be getting my son into them as well... A couple of Yamahas in the stable, gotta be a good xmas for those concerned...

Cheers, and happy new Year to all...


I'm one of the happiest men all over the world, just got a '99 YZ400F for Crhistmas, really this is a self-gived gift, but my wife supported me, and that is so good ! The bike was owned by another thumpertalk member, JAMRACING (Josh) and I'll make good use of this Bulletin Board to THANK Josh Loberant (JAMRACING) for the way he helped me. He sent the bike via Plane from Florida to Texas in a well made crate, really amazing ! And he supported me in questions about the bike and it's functionallity over the phone and via e-mail, Very helpful guy and so nice ! The bike is amazing, I'm just switching from 2-strokes and the bike is really powerful ! I really THANK Josh for his good manners to sell his bike and I wanted to all of you know this ! :)

I picked up a brand new BMW today. Pretty sweet.


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