DRZ pics, lets see your Z

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Yup, this is gonna be a biggie for sure! We have green,black,BLUE(the fastest) and that other color what is it yellow? Just kinding.

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Got rid of the big plastic monstrosity of a rear fender today.

Got the BD tailight mounted the tucked in way again.




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Hey all!

I've had mine for a year now and I'm still loving it!!:worthy: I spent most of the summer on my new SM setup. I was lucky enough to get out in the mud a few times too!


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brad21 this is one of the most beautiful DRZ pic I've seen here.

Thank you kind sir.:worthy:

One more:


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I use

Once you have an account which is free to do, you upload your pictures. After they are uploaded this site will provide you with a URL link to your picture.

Then create a post on TT, click the "Insert Image" button and paste in the URL that is provided by flickr.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Yankee, :D

It's really simple... Take pics.

Load and save them into the "my pictures" folder of your computer.

Go to:

Register for a free photo album.

Click on "Browse" where it says "Upload Images & Videos".

Select one or more pictures to be added to your album. Upload them. After they are in the album, each one will have its own address. Copy the one that has at each end.

And paste the address into your post.:worthy:

Take Care,


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Hey why don't you just click on my garage to view the pics? most of us have them right?:worthy:

Why did you bother to post/look anyway?

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    • By DRZ_Abbott
      Looking for info on an H4 LED bulb replacement. I'm not looking to use the 4x6 headlights many have used. I'll be doing the KLX450 headlight/fairing mod.
      Looks like eBay has a bunch of options, but to use with stock DRZ wiring what wattage/specs am I looking for? Anyone had success/nightmares? 
      Looking at something like this:
    • By Kracker
      hopefully someone can drop some knowledge on me.
      Please try to follow as im not much of a writer, im probably going to be all over the place....bear with me. 
      I installed a custom "FLOWPRO" fcr mx 39 on a drz400sm :"3x3 & full GPR exhaus, no tps connected"
      WOT it runs and pulls perfectly, as expected. 
      1/8th-1/4 its sputtering like crazy or if im just cruising at a constant speed after a second or two it spudders until i crack it open.
      I had the A/f mixture screw and 2-3 turns out and it was sputtering like crazy anywhere from 1/8th throttle to 1/4th or just cruising at a constant speed. So i turned it all the way in and it ran much better, but its still happening, which leads me to believe it is too rich?
      I ran it without the airbox and it ran better that with it on there but not a significant difference.
      It has a new air filter and sparkplug looks good. It was running perfectly this morning with the mikuni on. 
      Jetting spec:
      Idle jet #40
      Main jet #155
      Main air jet #200
      Idle air jet #75
      Choke jet #75
      Needle ELQ 4th clip from top, "was on third but ran much worse, the guy that built it said to drop it one more clip to see if that helps, It did help a good bit but still not perfect"
      other than the spudder at 1/8 throttle and having to have the AF all the way in it runs great. WTF. 
      I tried to give as much info as possible, let me know if theres anything i missed. 

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      working on an 84 PE full floater, which needs a rear shock to really go off road. Looked everywhere and there’s nothing out there. Does anyone know if an RM one will fit? If so what year and model??
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    • By Kor3y101
      Located in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. 4305.
      Up for sale is my 2010 DRZ400E! This is the almighty reliable, can-do-anything, dual sport torquey thumper!
      $3800 (AUD) FIRM.
      It is fairly stock;
      - bark busters
      - exhaust baffle removed
      - 50/50 adventure tyres
      - airbox restrictor removed
      - carby jetting to suit the removed resitrictors
      - tail tidy with KTM style indicators on the rear
      - RMZ style front fender
      - Renthal handlebars
      - Comes with a spare set of Michelin AC10 DOT approved knobbies with heaps of tread
      ** Please note; Quadlock mount is NOT included with the motorbike **
      It comes with the stock fender and tail tidy also should you wish to put them back on
      It has recently been fully serviced by myself.
      - It has brand new oil (less than 100km ago)
      - Brand new oil filter (also comes with another brand new genuine filter for it's next change, it's cheaper when you buy 2 or more)
      - Coolant flushed and new long life oolant put back in
      - Battery was replaced less than 3 months ago
      - Valves have been checked and adjusted to correct spec (have receipt to show this done less than 200km ago)
      The bike has a few marks and blemishes from being a dual sport and having the inevitable fall when off-road. (Pictures show this)
      However overall it is in decent condition and pulls like a freight train with no issues pulling a wheelie in 1-3rd gear (if you dare!)
      The tyres are fantastic for the road and stick like no tomorrow, offroad they perform well in all but deep sand and mud.
      The speedo is very multi-function which is great for trail riding and road usage.
      It has a 10L fuel tank, with normal riding I get about 180KM before needing reserve, which will get you to the 200km mark. So it's pretty good on fuel!
      It starts very easily every time and runs really well.
      Definitely not one to pass by!
      It will come with a RWC once I have a buyer.
      It has rego until 27/03/2018 so plenty of time to ride until it runs out!
      It also has 4x keys in total as the originals are slightly bent, so there are 2 new straight keys as well as the originals (which still work, just didn't want to risk breaking them off)
      I am selling it because as fantastic as it is, I don't get time to take it off roading and really have fun with it. (I have 2 children under 2 years old) so I am looking to get a road bike with 2 seats Instead.
      Would swap for a Yamaha MT-03 or something similar.
      Due to the amount of thefts lately, I will require a deposit of $1000 before a test ride as well as your license, or I am happy to demonstrate the bike working for you.