DRZ pics, lets see your Z

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Yup, this is gonna be a biggie for sure! We have green,black,BLUE(the fastest) and that other color what is it yellow? Just kinding.

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Got rid of the big plastic monstrosity of a rear fender today.

Got the BD tailight mounted the tucked in way again.




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Hey all!

I've had mine for a year now and I'm still loving it!!:worthy: I spent most of the summer on my new SM setup. I was lucky enough to get out in the mud a few times too!


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brad21 this is one of the most beautiful DRZ pic I've seen here.

Thank you kind sir.:worthy:

One more:


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I use

Once you have an account which is free to do, you upload your pictures. After they are uploaded this site will provide you with a URL link to your picture.

Then create a post on TT, click the "Insert Image" button and paste in the URL that is provided by flickr.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Yankee, :D

It's really simple... Take pics.

Load and save them into the "my pictures" folder of your computer.

Go to:

Register for a free photo album.

Click on "Browse" where it says "Upload Images & Videos".

Select one or more pictures to be added to your album. Upload them. After they are in the album, each one will have its own address. Copy the one that has at each end.

And paste the address into your post.:worthy:

Take Care,


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Hey why don't you just click on my garage to view the pics? most of us have them right?:worthy:

Why did you bother to post/look anyway?

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    • By Ermaganish
      Hello there,
      In about a week, I'm gonna buy myself a DRZ 400 SM 2005 model with about 10 000 miles (16 000 km ) on it, and i was woundering if any one could help me with pointers i could have when i check the bike, like common faults or similar stuff to look out for when test riding etc etc. It's gonna be my first bike, so all tips are appriciated!
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      Bike is a 1999 Suzuki RM125.  I had the crankshaft rebuilt, so during the install I had put in new crank bearings, new crank seals, new case gasket, new reeds, and a new top end.  I also cleaned the carb and put in the recommended jets for my exhaust and elevation/temperature.  I run 32:1 fuel mix.  I also put in a new primary gear, which is what contacts the oil seal.  I put axle grease into the seal before inserting the primary gear.  The bike smokes more than it should, and I'm pretty sure the cause is that transmission oil is leaking into the crankshaft area and eventually getting into the cylinder.  I would top off the oil and check the level with the little bolt on the side of the clutch cover.  After a while of riding I would take the bolt out and I would have to tip the bike quite a bit for anything to come out.  I don't understand why it could leak.  I also topped off the coolant, and the level stayed the same, so that's not leaking.  Do you think its still getting in through the seal?  If not, where could it get in from?  There was quite a discussion as to the orientation of the seal itself here, but since that post I have installed a new seal with spring side out (which is different than most bikes, but I think that's what the manual says).
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      Ok this is it, the 93 has been replaced with a mint '94 nearly identical. Thumpertalk helped me keep this thing going for a long time.  Some great people here, some have loaned me tools thru the mail. I kept it because its was going to run again, its been sitting under shelter about 5yrs. I'm selling it all, there are some modified parts like the LED rear tag mount and the shorty clutch lever. Some parts off earlier models, like the gas tank. Mostly just stock. The main thing wrong with the motor is there is something wedged in the somewhere locking it up. Happened when I was trying to kickstart it after repairing some previous damage. Just msg me for a price on whatever you need. I will get a pic up soon, have all the plastics plastered with stickers btw.  I can post a pic of anything you want to see as well. My terms are I get paid first at our agreed upon amount and i'll mail the item via snail mail, UPS or FED Ex, whatever suits you. I guess I can ship COD If you pay just shipping in advance. Sell parts or the whole bike for $800 I will return your money for any part you pay to return in its sold as condition as long as you do it within 10 days of getting it.
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      I have a 1997 RM250 with a Keihin pwk38 37E1 carburetor.  The seat is bad and is no longer available for rebuild.  I was looking for an after market that would be more reliable than a used or even new of the pw38 model.  This is last year before they added the power jet model Keihin. Any advice is much appreciated...
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      Made a quick video last night on the two water crossings we did this last week on the Oregon Back Country Discovery (OBDR) Route #4 from Seneca to Sisters, Oregon.
      This OBDR segment (Route 4) covers about 240 miles of pretty darn remote area. You have to cross the Malheur river at two different points about 22 miles apart. Fun crossings. Not terribly difficult in July, but you can screw it up and hydrolock your bike if you aren't careful. (I've seen more than one video on YouTube of folks dumping their bike and sucking in a cylinder full of water.) The GPS coordinates of each crossing are in the video, but here's the data also:

      North Fork of the Malheur River “Crane Crossing”
      44º09’34.45” N 118º22’06.79” W 
      Elevation 4506 feet

      Approx 22 miles apart

      Malheur River Crossing at the Malheur Ford Trailhead
      44º05’13.17” N 118º34’46.88” W
      Elevation 4781 feet

      Here's info on the different Oregon Back Country Discovery Route: