2007 oil change

relax....not another what oil do i use.I could use some help,and i have a good question.Does anyone know the amount in CC's that a 2007 needs during oil change.With and without filter.Thank you.

I think its 1.1L

unless they changed it from 06-07 it should be 1.08Qt with filter change. and 1.00Qt without filter change. This is what my 06 book says.

thanks for the reply.I'll try to find the conversion to CC's.

The 07 is 1 L or 1.06 qt with a filter change. I believe the conversion to cc would make it 1000

After putting the correct amount of oil into my 07 engine and idling motor for three minutes in an upright position and removing dipstick as soon as motor is turned off does oil bubble out of the dipstick hole? I have converted from a crf450 and this is all new. If I swab bubbling oil out of hole several times,approx. 30sec to a minute, I can then dipcheck and get a reading. Have changed oil twice and have used check bolt both times to try to drain off any excess oil. Virtually nothing came out on second oil change as I tweaked my amount but it concerns me because after engine cutoff how long do I have to get an accurate reading on stick? Should I wait a short time and then check? Manual says turn off engine and check.:worthy: My friend has older yamaha and you have to wait 5 minutes after engine cutoff before checking level in upper frame.::D

You need to understand that the YZF's (all years) use a dry sump oiling system. It's not necessary with any of them to wait 5 minutes before checking the oil level.

What's happening is that oil is being pumped out of the crankcases and back to the tank faster than it's being pumped in. This is quite deliberate, but it results in air being present in the return line running from the scavenging pump to the reservoir. The reservoir end of the return line is almost always placed at the top of the tank, above the oil level. In the case of the '06/7, it's positioned so that it blows oil directly onto the dip stick, so you have to shut the engine down and wait for the air in the return line to stop bubbling out into the dip stick area. This never takes 5 minutes, and so the admonition to wait that long, even on an older model, is not realistic. 30 seconds should be the most that would be needed.

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