te 410 starting and carb set up

Hi all. After viewing the site there is a lot of knowledge here so i have signed up. please help.

This is my first husky. I am really pleased with it apart from the hot starting and i dont know the carb settings. can anyone help me clear up these probs please as it is doing my head in and my left leg. It is a 1996 te 410 e. thanks, phil

Just another n00b here .... what do I know? But I've been reading every post I can find on the carb jetting deal and from what I've gathered ... nobody is going to be able to splain the whole thing to you. Go to the technical section and read the three posts, Part 1, 2, 3 on jetting and accelerator pump timing and then you can ask the right questions. Unless you are willing to tear down your own carb I'd start looking for a good mech. Print out the best articles you can find here and start discussing any probs you have with your mech. The stickies in this section are very good on the subject as well.


I have a 1999 te410 and all I done to mine was clean the carb, let the engine warm up, turn the idle up to fast idle and took the air mix screw back to closed then turned it about 2 and a half turns out( or as smooth as you can get the revs) starts first kick when cold. try keeping the throttle around half to full open when kick starting the bike when hot.

You may want to check but I think Husky remapped the ignition for '00. My friend had an older 410 and it would never start hot unless you got on your knees and begged.

My '00 410 starts easily hot or cold, racing or freezing. In fact it even accidently bump started once while I was sitting on an incline waiting on a slower rider.

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