Wheel bearing? OEM or use cheaper ones?

While installing a new front tire, I discovered my front wheel bearings are starting to go. Probably caused by my use of a pressure washer (i tried to be careful).....I have not yet yanked the rear to check.

The front one's don't hit the wallet too much, but the rear ones (even with TT prices), are pretty pricey. I've seen bearing kits on "that huge online auction place", that are much cheaper, but I'm wondering if the quality is decent.

Should I stay with OEM, or go with the cheapies???

Let me know those who have been down this road before.


Take the number on the bearing to a local bearing supplier like US Bearings or Besco and ask for the same size bearing in an SKF sealed unit. Probably run you about $13 ea and well worth it.

The cheap bearings that have invaded ebay are most often made in China or North Korea (Nachi) and not worth the postage if they were giving them away.

I just payed $30 for the lower steering bearing O.E.M. Was too lazy to shop around but I'm also interested about the track records of non O.E.M. brands.

The OEM bearings are not sealed. Pivot Works makes a wheel bearing kit with sealed bearings that will last 3 times as long as OEM.

Thanks guy's....looks like Pivot Works may be the way to go.

I have also had good luck with all balls brand bearing kits. They are sealed just like the pivot works jobs are.

Moose also sells bearings that are sealed on both sides. I've used PW also. It's a toss up.

just go to your local bearing store like stated. Look in the phone book. Run them down the number of the seal or bearing. Tell them you want it double sided rubber sealed and they can get you what you want.

When you get the bearings, remove the seals there and GREASE THEM.

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