Radiator supports and gaurds

Need some feedback on rad support and gaurds. I am currently looking at the Works Connection supports or maybe Devol. The WC look like a better support but dont come with the gaurds. I was also told that removing the stock plastic fins/gaurds reduce low speed cooling efficiency of the radiators.


You may want to look at Flat Land Racing. They make a guard, that wraps all the way around the radiator and use all the stock bolt positions.


I have the Flatland on my 250. I liked them a little better than a friends Devols. Very similar though. Right after i got the bike i had a slow get off and the radiator got pushed back, the shroud got bent up. I was pretty disappointed by the protection of the radiator. The aluminum guards did not add much support for this kind of thing. I could still push on it with my hands and make the radiator twist back. With a friends help i bolted a 1/2" aluminum bar behind the flatland guard and welded it to a 2" aluminum channel. then hose clamped the channel to the frame. It is very strong now, will not twist with all my weight pushing on it.

here are some pictures




jrygus those are some good pics. Digi-cams are cool. I've been thinking about some rad. guards since I customized mine, but haven't done a whole lotta damage since. I've got a 12 oz. flywheel weight on my kitchen table waiting to install, so I probably won't do a slow, tight tip over again. I have mixed feelings about rad guards. I want them but don't know if I really need them. Flatland says, "John, Including hardware they weigh 1.6 lbs., definitely not enough to notice when riding for the protection that they provide!" Frankly, I'm more worried about my bones than the damned radiators.

I have been using the Devol Guards on my bike since the begining....Nobody crashes like me! The Devols have protected my ride against falls from both sides, being shot putted through a canyon :) , and numerous endos in the rocks :D . I have replaced all my plastic many times, but NEVER the Devol's :D . The same can be said of my White Brothers Skid plate.....Never as much as a scratch on my lower frame... :D


Use tested products and you'll never get burned...

Bonzai :D

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Save up all your old plastic and we'll give it to mike68. It's got to be better than the stuff hanging on his bike now :D

Of course it's hard to tell, with all the dirt and mud on it :D

Bill :)

Hey now, my bike runs like a champ. Does it really matter what it looks like? Does it matter my front frndr has a hole in from being speared by a tree? Oh and by the way, all the beer labels from Bill's place in PA have fallen off. I'm going to have to return for more decals. I did manage to log over 2000 miles in 10 mos. It should have been 3k but the new job is keeping me too buisy. May have to go to a 4 day work week.

Labels applied for free, while you wait, it'll just take a bit to drink all that beer :)

Hopefully see you in February but, definitely in June.

Bill :D

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