FCR41 on 07 650L

I have done all the de-smog/Dave's carb mods, and my new scoot runs pretty good. I am searching for a e-bay FCR41 and have a few questions.

Is the FCR a direct bolt on?

What are the jetting specs for sea level with a performance quiet pipe and Uni with snorkle removed?


FCR's are not a direct bolt on for an XR. I'm not sure what it takes to put it on a 650L, but it takes a little tweaking to get one on a 650R. You may have to do some machining to get the ends of the carb to fit into your rubber boots on either side of the carb. You may also have clearance issues with the throttle linkage on the FCR carb as well.

The jetting on mine (which will be way richer than what you would need) is a 1.75 turns out on the fuel screw, 48 pilot, and a 188 main at an average 5500ft elevation.

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