Rethnal Twinwalls Finally Arrived, Have A ?

Finally received my Rethnal Twinwall Bars with CR Bend. I started the install of them and rvrything going well till i get to the light switch and kill button. The light switch bracket and kill switch brackets sit further to the base of the bars where it is 1-1/8" Dia. and i cant get them to screw together, is there a trick to this, like maybe trying to pull more wire up the frame or have i done something that is so simple and making it harder on myself. I just dont want to pull on wires that i am going to have to fix later.

Thank you all

You obviously need to unclip all the wires first. Remove the headlight assembly so you can trace wher the wires go to, and you will see the connectors behind where the headlight normally is. You should be able to cut cable ties/tape that holds all the wires together and gain enough slack for what you need. Don't forget to tie the wiring loom back up to stop it chafing or getting caught inthe steering stops.:worthy:

I just use a cable tie and mount the kill switch on the 'fat' part of the bar. Has always worked great for me. :worthy:

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