Front axle bolt / Exhaust rivets

Hey everyone just want to say that my :worthy: 06 450 yamaha rocks. Two questions. First, What is the reason for the front axle to be threaded on the inside for? Second when you replace the stock exhaust packing you need to drill out the rivets, are they aluminum or stainsless? Would it matter if you replaced them differently? Thanks for your help.

The front axle is the same part as it was in the earlier YZF's, which use the earlier brake hose routing and a plastic shield that bolts onto the end of the axle. Omitting the unnecessary threads would require that Yamaha make two different axles to service bikes made before and after '05.

You can use either rivet to service the silencer, but SS rivets will last longer.

I use aluminum rivets since they are easier to pull and I haven't had any problems, however the stainless steel rivets will outlast the muffler...

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