anyone using DSL

does anyone have dsl internet service? how fast is it and how much does it cost to get started?


Speed= 640k bps

Cost= 19.95/month (ISP) and 19.95/month (Phone Company)

Modem and line filters were free as well as activation through special promotion offered by my local phone company (Qwest). I would contact Bell South or visit their web site for more info at

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I have used it for years, and it is great. Speed is 1.1MBPS, and never goes out. I use Earthlink.


Bellsouth isn't doing any feebies right now. It will cost you a $50.00 activation fee, $175.00 for an eithernet modem (They charge you then when you send in the rebate coupon they credit your you never see the real money again). If you go this route don't let them con you into professional installation. Do it your self for free...You can always call me an I'll walk you through it. There is a monthly charge of about $40.00 or so...( which was cheaper fo me with 2 lines running) The connection speed vs a 56K modem is the difference between night and day. I never wait for anything anymore. In my case there are not many people pulling off my local T-10 line so I'm rockin. Additionally Bellsouth will bill their initial charges over a 3 month period to ease the pain in the wallet a bit.

Bonzai :)

:):D I just checked and no one is offering DSL where I live, that sucks! What about satellite hook up?

What about your local cable company? I have a cable modem setup which is really fast and a constant connection. No extra phone lines needed either.

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