Virginia Legal XR 650??


All, I have been researching online anyone who has converted an 01 XR650R to Dual Sport (Plated) in Virginia.

The 01 did not come with a title only bill of sale.

I have checked the details on the VDOT website and all related legislation. It is now a matter of how to go about licensing the BRP.

Anyone with experience in converting any bike to DualSport in VA, please drop let me know.

Greatly appreciated!

I have one you can check it out in my garage

took title in to DMV and the lady ask me if it was 2 door or 4 door

walk out with the plate

but I had a title from west va

you need to get a mso or the title frist

then dual sport it get in inspeced then got to DMV for tags


Thanks for the info. Checked out the garage. Nice rig to say the least!

I don't have a title since it was bought here in VA. But do have the MSO.

I plan to put on a Baja Designs Kit and get it inspected. I see you have the dial speedo. I have seen the digitals and analog. Anyone better than the other in your opinion.

I am new to the DS stuff. I used to ride trails when I was younger and just picked up the XR to do both.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


took title in to DMV and the lady ask me if it was 2 door or 4 door

walk out with the plate

As good as that story is, I'm dying to hear how you answered ...:worthy:


I DS'd an '01 R in Virginia about 3 years ago (see My Garage). BUT... I had a clear title from the previous owner (TX).

Like piginc said, apply for a clear title, get your R converted while you're waiting, get it inspected and once you get your title take that and your inspection receipt to DMV and tell them you want a street title. They didn't blink when I asked for a street title.

An important tp for the inspection: I would not recommend trying to get it inspected at a bike dealer. They are often much more strict about the regs fine-print. Find a local inspection shop that also does bikes, they'll generally be a bit more relaxed (and friendlier).

Good luck! Let us know how you make out.

Ride safe.

Yeah I took it to my buddys shop for the inspection

LTWAN look at my 450X it has the acewell 3700h speedo I like and I just orded another one for my 650R from servicehonda $149 it has rpm and speed

I will sell you my anolog for cheap if you want one of those


heres some more it has a nice blue light




do u have a link to where i can buy one of those speedo's i have been looking for a while

thanks you


Thanks for the data!

Will apply for the title. In the meantime, will pick up the Baja Designs kit. I have been researching and all fingers point to price of about 450.

Did you get a better deal?

Reference to the Analog, not certain if I want the digital or not. Will research and get back to you. Thanks again!

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