Electrical Problem

I have a 93 XR650L. I just finished doing the Dave's mods on the carb (I will save that for another post) and started my bike up. The problem is it runs for about a minute to a minute and a half and then loses spark. It seems as if something is heating up and causing a short. If I let the bike cool for about ten to fifteen minutes it will start right up and then lose spark again after a minute or so. It is definitely not gas related, I have checked and it has no spark, nada, zilch, nothing. Any suggestions what this might be, where to start trouble shooting, and most importantly how to go about the electrical tests. Thanks for any and all help, now tell me how to fix this and then goe to my carb problem post and fix that too. Thanks everyone,


CDI most likely, could be the timing pickup, but that is quite a bit rarer.

Your description fits a failing CDI unit perfectly.

Only other guess- failing resistor in the plug wire. Try shorting it with a piece of wire to rule out the $0 fix first.


Thanks for the suggestion, how would I go about doing this???

Either CDI, Coil, or Pulser coil. I'll try to find the values for checking these components witha digital VOM. If you don't know how to check components with a VOM, then borrow one and Ill walk you thru it. Let me find the values...

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