help!!!! 02 XR650 wont start

ok this bike wont start its turning over like it want to start... i dont know if its not getting any gas or what... i know theres gas in it and yes the gas was turned on...

could it be from sitting for 2 1/2 months with the gas turned on??...

its my g/f dads bike i've tried everything that i know.. but i guess im not smart enough haha...

any advice anything that i can try?... im used to a 2-stroke and i came here with my 450 when i had one.. and i know you guys here know your stuff....



hey chris make sure your getting a spark and while the plug is out see if it smells like gas or is wet with gas if you have spark and the plug seems dry you carb is probly gummed up from gas sitting in it

ok i'll do that tonight... thanks...i'll let you all know what happends

I would hope that gas would last 2 1/2 months, but 650R's are picky machines. I would try some fresh fuel. Worse comes to worse, it may need to have the carb taken apart & cleaned.

Make sure it's in neutral, turn the choke on full, find top-dead center, and let the kick starter all the way up to engage the auto-decompression. Give it a full, solid kick, with a little throttle put at the end. Watch you're shin, it's easy to smack it against the foot peg.

if you're still not getting anything, turn off the choke, pull & hold in the manual decompression lever, open the throttle fully, and kick it 4-5 times. Turn the choke back on, and try the first paragraph steps again.

You say your used to 2 strokes. Are you trying to start it like a 2 stroke? The big XR has a procedure that must be followed. If you are twisting the throttle at all, like you would a 2 stroke then you have flooded the bike and it will not start.

Unless your G/F's dad had a pumper carb installed in which case you will have to give it gas to start it.

But if you know the procedures and are following them then go back to basics. Check the plug. Is it wet? If yes then your getting fuel so install a new plug. Check the air filter? Is it caked with dirt? If so clean it.

They can be hard to start if they sit for a long time. You might squirt a table spoon of oil down the spark plug hole and Kick it over a bit to lub the cylinder wall and seal the rings. Put the plug back and see how she does.

Obligatory "XR650L or XR650R" question-


Find a big hill, put 'er in a tall gear, get rolling fast, and pop the clutch.

Then make sure to always park at the top of the previously mentioned big hill.

(Or follow the drill mentioned above)

its a XR650L sorry i didnt mention that... and i do know the differences in start a 4 and a 2 storke i had a CRF450 for about a year and half and relized i was faster on a 2 stroke... i'll clean the carb tonight if nothin else works... thanks for all the help


kick it over slow and easy till you feel it stop(top dead center) then pull in comp lever and go just 2 more inchs stop let compress lever out let kick start back to top and give her a strong thur kick not real fast but put you weight in it,

use choke when cold none when warm no throttle

it it does not start clear it out but kicking thur with compresion lever pulled it 5 or 6 time then repeat step1

from what i have read it sounds like he knows how to start the bike but there is something a myth like fuel or spark. chris did you check to see if you have spark yet and if so try a little starting fluid if it tries to start it would be a good sign that you have a fuel problem i hope you get it started soon.



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