Scott Stabilizer - Bar Question

Am thinking about putting a Scott steering stabilizer onto a 2005 WR450, and prefer to mount it under the handlebar (but not a front mount). Would like to raise the handlebars by no more than 2 inches or so.

Any recommendation on:

1. What type/brand of triple clamp to use (am considering either a Scott brand triple clamp, or one from Zip-Ty Racing);

2. Advantages of having the stabilizer above or below the bars;

3. Whether I can keep the stock Renthal handlebars (obviously if I go with an above-bar mount, the stock handlebars have to go)?

Any recommendations would be welcomed...

Call Scotts or BRP directly and they can help you with the best package. BRP makes the clamps for Scotts so they are pretty much the same.Also do a search of the forum and you will get some answers. I just installed a complete Scotts top mount and I love it. Well worth the money.

Ditto to what Tony said. Call BRP, they are knowledgable and friendly. If your're tall (> 6') go for the BRP sub mount, it brings the bars up to where you want them.

BRP makes the tripple clamps for Scotts. The rubber mounted pro tapers are worth the money and the stabalizer makes it great. I have the sub mount set up. I love it. I like my bar position high and wide ( its a desert thing) :D

If you are short (no offense) get the regular mount (as stated by ncampion). If you are tall you definitlly want the sub mount. I installed the regular mount on a buddies YZ 450 and it is nice but I perfer the sub mount (higher bars) for stand up riding.

One more thing if you have hand guards then you will want to mount them to your handle bars. if they are triple clamp mounted and you install the sub mount they will be pulled down and you will loose hand protection.:worthy:

Scotts makes a kit to mount it to the stock upper triple..I believe my bike has one. You can keep the renthal bars if the crossbar is high enough to clear the damper, or you can bend the crossbar for clearance.

Scotts can hook you up!

They've got what it takes and so does BRP!

See if your dealer can contact Scotts directly and get you a deal . . .


Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm 5' 10", so will make choices with Scott and BRP accordingly...:worthy:

I have the Scotts damper on my 05 WR450. The instructions tell you to file the steering stem until the mount goes on smoothly. I did that but the mount still came loose. I called Scotts and they told me to go ahead and tack weld it on each side to the steering stem. I was worried about messing up the bearings, however, Its been on there for 2 years now with no problems. Just put two small tacks at 3 amd 9 o'clock and you will be good to go!

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