Anyone who got a new pipe for Xmas....

If Santa was nice enough to get you a new pipe... How about unloading you stock pipe?

I am in need of a stock WR426 exhaust in decent shape. I would prefer a 2001 or 2002 model exhaust. The header pipe is not needed, just the exhaust.

No Canadian exhausts please. I am after the 'US Forest Nazi' approved spark arrestor, heavy as a boat anchor stock exhaust.

If you can help please contact,


in Southern Calif.

I have one off a 2001 WR426 with about 5 hrs on it, not a scratch on it.

If you don't hook up with Jay let me know I have one with about 285 miles on it off my 01. It is in great shape.


I've got 2. One with one without the insert. Let me know.


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