XR 600 questions

I'm new to this forum, but an old rider...I just picked up an 87 xr 600. This thing is in great shape. It has your average scratches and age looks. I want to change over the plastic to all white and different seat. Does anyone know what years and/or models ( ex 400-600-650) parts are interchangable?????

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None, unfortunately a totally stock for stock swap is not going to work as the plastic changed in I beleive 1990 to the style it stayed until the XR600R became the XR650R. The airbox is different, as is the subframe, as it is a dual carb setup and therefore only can take the stock side panels from the pre 1990 models. But, there is hope. you can get new replacement plastic in white or black from Maier. They have all the plastic for it and you can get a new tank from Clarke in stock, 4.6 gal, or 5 gallon for it and possibly a 6.6 gallon Acerbis in white. You can sand and prime then paint the sidecovers though with great results using either rattle cans made for plastic, or automotive paints with flex agent in them. Good luck, and welcome to the Zoo!

That is where I will start looking ,,, thanks a lot.....

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Actually, the entire line of XR600 plastics will swap over. My 85 XR600 is done up with 2000 model seat, tank, and side covers. The ONLY difference was the seat bolts. One side was about an inch forward than the original. I made a small aluminum plate to make up the difference.

I can say that you will need to get all of the body as the parts don't swap out any other way. By the way, the only difference in the airbox is the carb boots. The side cover fits perfect with no problem or wrestling with it.

that is great ,, thanks....

I have an '87 that I'm working on right now, that I have converted to the newer white plastic, and white IMS tank. The seat is the only issue, so far.

I tried to modify the 87 seat to fit the profile of the newer model side covers, and I just don't like the fit up. I'll probably look around for a newer model seat. The stock XR650L seat looks pretty good on there, but it does have the different mount, on one side, as stated by someone earlier in this thread..

What a coincidence! I'm new to this site, an old rider, and just bought an 87 xr600 again,The people on this site are so helpful. "Happy Riding "

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