Dirt road fun with the Pilot Powers.

OK, I've always thought it was funny that people bash the trailwings for dirt roads, yet lots of SM'ers say they have been in the dirt with their street tires. This weekend it was unseasonably warm in MI and I decided to take the DRZ out for a weekend ride.

I wanted to put the knobbies on, but my bro punctured a tube on a Sunday before a big trip south and I being the good brother that I am offered to let him steal my tube. So, I decide to just leave the house and head north on paved backroads with the SM setup.

It didn't take long to get to a point where the only option was dirt. I wasn't too concerned thinking that as long as I took it easy I'd be fine. Much to my suprise I was having a blast with the street tires. I found several nice dirt roads that followed rivers. I was hitting the twisties good and sliding the back end out quite controllably.

I put about 150 miles on hitting mostly dirt roads the first day. Then on the way home the next day, I found some seasonal roads. In MI that means they don't plow them in the winter. They were mostly two tracks with mud and ruts and such. I was having a blast riding around. Hunters were of course pissed, because the seasonal roads were on state hunting land, but I didn't care I didn't think anyone would get pissed enough to shoot me.

To make a long story short, about 350 miles of roads many of which were dirt and I didn't wipe out once. Only one scary moment where I thought the front end was going to slide out.

Does make me wonder how many miles I took off my pilot power spinning it in the dirt??? Oh well, its only money right?

Sounds like a great time, Regalman. I think the pilot powers do fairly well in the dirt too, especially hard pack. Of course I am just cruising along enjoying myself. My only problem with them was negotiating deep, angled ruts, I'd try to take the edge and the tire would slip down to the bottom, causing me to lay the bike down gently a couple times.

Took them over loose rocks too. Loamy, mulchy soil is nerve-racking though, hit the brakes on a downhill and just slide to a stop. Hit the throttle in a turn and kick the rear way out! I need to post my dual-sport report still.

yeah, only money. only i don't want to spend it to replace both pilot powers with distanzias this winter so I will probably end up with a new rear dunlop.

regalman, where in MI are you?

I'm in Lansing.

Edit - where are you tech at? My bro has an 06 TE510.

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