Grey Wire

Well fellow TT'ers, i just finished putting on my new Renthal twinwall bars, had to take seat and tank off in order to get more pull for the light switch, while i was at it i unhooked the Grey Wire. I did all other free mods last year, thought i'd not do the Grey Wire seeing that the damn beast was fast enough for an oldtimer like myself.

Well i did it and "Holy Mother of God, the beast just about made me soil my drawers :D on the street testing it out. I think that i am going to have to play with the jetting again, runs great except when it is in mid throttle to full throttle going through the gears it tends to have a slight hesitation, but besides that it runs like a bat out of hell. It's pulling the front end off the ground in 4th and 5th now, that is on the street. We will see this weekend what it will do on dirt.:worthy:

And once again thank you all for your help in my previous threads.


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