Vermont DMV- Require Original Documents?

This is a double post- I posted the same question over on the DRZ site, so don't beat me up too much. I know you WR guys a are a tough crowd. :)

I am thinking about dual-sporting my DRZ via the Vermont tag & title route. Those of you that have already done this, can you send them copies of your MSO and sales receipt, or do you have to send them the original documents? I'd prefer not to send of my original documents if I can avoid it.

Thanks for the help.

I will gladly share my agony/success with you:

The best way to get your ride reg'd in VT is to supply them with ALL that they ask for. In your case, that would be the original MSO, or title. If you send copies of ANYTHING, they will send them back and ask for originals. Dont waste your time. They wont lose that stuff, and they will process your papers FIRST TIME. Mine took 3 times, (sending papers back and forth to NY), but was successful in the end. I am just waiting for my title now, so all is gooood.

Make sure you request a vehicle registration form, and when you get it, have it filled out properly, with payment. Ensuring that everything is in order will expedite the process, and you wont have any hangups.

Good luck, and if you have any ?'s, feel free to PM me.


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