MX Terms??

Do you guys know where I can find a glossary of MX terms that cover bike handling, track conditions, etc... I've been out of it for a while and need to be able to talk about what my bike is doing for susp set-up and such, when I need advice. I also want my son(11) to be able to "talk the talk", as he learns the ins and outs of this sport.

monkey butt. Get to know it, learn to love it. It will be with you a very long time. :worthy:

I can't remember the name of the book but Eric Gorr has a good book out that breaks down a bike really well, from motors to suspensions etc. If you do a search you would find it.

I think it's the offroad and motocross rider's handbook, or something like that. Check Border's.

Found this site today:

Not sure if there are any MX terms in there, but I found lots of the other terms quite entertaining!

Thanks for the info. I'll continue to scrub the mags and stay up on the topics here in TT.:worthy:

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