Trade YZ for WR?

I know this is subjective but...

I found a guy who wants to trade his 01 WR for a YZ. I have the 01 YZ. Lately I've been thinking about adding stuff to my bike like lights, kickstand, skidplate, etc...I find that I do mostly trails/hills riding so the WR sounds pretty good. Here's the real question...

I LOVE my YZ and would hate to feel like I downgraded to the WR. I know about the engine timing and throttle limiter on the WR but what about the suspension? Also, is the top end gearing higher (faster top speed) and the low end lower (better luggability)?

Can I make it feel nimble like the YZ when jumping fireroads and such?

Please let me know your thoughts on this...I'm on the fence...If I add all the stuff to my YZ it'll cost some major $$.

What I want is to hear from anyone who has experience with both bikes if possible. Or, someone who has made their WR kick a$$

Thanks Everyone,


Hey Jam,

I know the WR has a softer rear spring but is the front the same as the YZ? Also, everyone is saying to swap the WR seat/tank for YZ,,,why?

I was considering the opposite on my YZ to get more mileage on a tank. Is the seat uncomfortable or something...the tank maybe wider?

Thanks for the input...


the YZ has MUCH better ergo's, i.e. seat/tank.

You wouldn't be downgrading anything. When I went from a YZ to a WR, it was awesome! The suspension alone is worth the swap. Then you get a lighting coil, off-road tranny (granny first, but still 100 mph top speed), stator guard and O-ring chain. The only thing you need to do is swap the tank/seat for YZ replica stuff, and time it to YZ specs.

there is alot of weight to be saved by changing the plastics to YZ gear. That WR rear guard with its steel braces weighs heaps compared to the YZ job. Swapping the headlight for a numberplate also saves a fair bit.

The gear box is the really great thing about the WR.

What's with everyone talking about changing the plastics to yz...just for looks?

Also, is the front susp the same or not?

Thanks again all!!


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