Best tires-overall- KDX200

What do you guys think are the best overall tires for a '02 KDX200? I live in Northern Mi, mostly sand trails/woods riding, but sometimes in the spring, moocho mud! My son's are getting me new tires for Christmas:applause: , and a FMF gnarly woods pipe:thumbsup: . I'm thinking of the Michelin starcross, or maybe M12. What do you think?

A tried and true combo is a M12 up front and a S12 in the rear, I don't know if it is the best, but lots of people like the combo. I have been running it for a long time and it works well in PNW woods.

I'm from Michigan, Oscoda to be exact. I did most my riding over on the east side and in the Gaylord/Johanesburg/Atlanta area, plus a lot of UP stuff. Seems everywhere I went people swear by the Michelin S12 for the rear. If you goto a harescramble I bet you'll see at least 50% of the participants running S12's.

My thoughts

  • Kenda Millville rear and Maxxis soft terrain front, my favorite setup. Just seemed work well in most every situation. Rear did chunk pretty easily though.
  • Dunlop 739, seemed to spin a lot in sand, although cornered well
  • Kenda Trekmaster II's ,tried them because I am dual-sported, worked well straightline, but would wash out / slide out in corners.
  • Maxxis IT rear, (running now with a Dunlop 739 front, it is to Arizona what the S12 is to people in Michigan), works pretty good in the sand, but I don't think I'd use it in Michigan.

Also, my KX came with a King's tire on the rear. Looks like an exact copy of the S12, although the rubber seems harder. Only a few rides on it, but it's held up very well in the rocky crap I was riding in. Hooked well in the sandy washes. I have a set of King's dual sport tires (996 I think is the number) for the KDX, they are wearing like iron, although off road they have all the traction of a well waxed saucer. Scary in mud! I rode Durhamtown in Georgia on them in the rain. Wet red clay + dual sport tires = lots of almost crashing + pushing the bike up really easy hills.

Thanks guys. m12/s12 it is!

I run a trials rear with the 220 power gives you nothing but traction and front end lift. It's great in the sand and rocks. Good in most muds but sucks in the slimy clay like muds and not all that great in the snow unless you excersize a lot of throttle control. MT 18 is ok front but want to try the MT83 Scorpian Pro.

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